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WiN Meeting - Thursday, May 3rd

Hello ladies!
A quick reminder that our May WiN meeting is Thursday, May 3rd!
We will be following the same format as last month with round table and open room discussions.  Get ready to learn and be motivated with Stacey Moore of
Stacey is a wife, a mom, an educator, a coach, a business mentor, corporate wellness trainer and fitness instructor who has a love of nutrition and wellness. She is most passionate about helping you to see that there is no need to stay “stuck” in a rut just because that is the way you have always done things. Stacey empowers you to take the appropriate risks to step into your inner potential, greatness and passions in life. You CAN live with purpose and do the things that sets your soul on fire!  Learn how to FLY - First Love Yourself!
Please let me know by end of day tomorrow (Tuesday) if you are planning to attend.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!