WiN Christmas Meeting/Tradeshow - Thursday, Dec. 5th

Hello Ladies,

I have confirmed our location for the December 5th meeting/tradeshow.  We will be meeting at the Queen Street United Church (downstairs) - same location as last December (map link)  This room allows more space for everyone to set up their vendor tables and still have space to sit and enjoy lunch. There is ample parking.

I encourage all of you to invite a guest or two. It is a great opportunity to introduce friends, family, colleagues to our amazing group of women and their services while at the same time enjoying a bit of Christmas cheer and shopping! The cost for guests will be $15 +hst (same as the member cost).  As with every meeting Edna will prepare a light lunch. There will be no guest speaker or 1 min introductions as the lunch will focus on the tradeshow and networking.

If you are interested in having a table to showcase your products or services please let me know (below is a list of those who shave already signed up to showcase their businesses). The cost to have a vendor table is $5 which will be donated to Women’s Resources. You must supply your own table.  I will also have my son there to help with any heavy lifting and carrying.

Please let me know via email if you will be attending the meeting and if you are bringing along a guest or two.

I look forward to our meeting December 5th as it is always filled with great energy!

Warmest regards,

Who’s Coming:
1.   Heather Chapman - Heather Chapman Graphic Design
2.   Gazel Chamberlain-Jibb - PillMethod Trust
3.   Shirley Maxwell - Hollywood Eye-Magic
4.   Susan Peirce - Sunrise Graphic Design
5.   Wendy Bruckert - Community Care of KL
6.   Deb Smith - Nordic Pole Walking
7.   Maria Bennett - Mary Kay Cosmetics
8.   April Russel - A&R Bookkeeping
9.   Glenda van Koot - Arbonne Independent Consultant
10. Nancy Newton - Soroptimist International
11. Sharon Summers - Right At Home Reality Inc.
12. Karen kearney - Double Clutch Purses & Tomboy Tools
13. Lisa Wokral - Jockey P2P
14. Monique Howat - Youth and Adult Motivator
15. Cheryl Evans - Sunny's Massage Therapy
16. Helen - Sunny's Massage Therapy
17. Linda Howes - Simply Soaps
18. Nancy Gosse - Inceptional Soul Services
19. Samantha Burke - Kawartha Credit Union
20. Donna Salich - Greenshire Eco Farms
21. Kelly Gillis - T-Zone Lindsay
22. Barb Smith - Anthem Mortgage Group
23. Twila DelFatti - Silver Connections
24. Cathy Garbut - Lindsay Orthotics and Foot Care
25. Deb Bartlett - CAPS
26. Rebecca Bartlett - CAPS
27. Maria Tohill - The Pampered Chef
28. Delaine Cook - Decor Dreams
29. Amanda Willson - Chiropractor
30. Terri Gale - Molly Maid
31. Dorothy Huhtalo - Soroptimist International
32. Sue McConville - Downsized & Organized
33. Debra Smith - Downsized & Organized
34. Pauline Keily - A Passonate Pen
35. Patricia Boyd - Royal Le Page Brokerage 

Vendor Table:
1.   Heather Chapman - Heather Chapman Graphic Design (Pd)
2.   Gazel Chamberlain-Jibb - PillMethod Trust (Pd)
3.   Shirley Maxwell - Hollywood Eye-Magic (Pd)
4.   Susan Peirce - Sunrise Graphic Design (Pd)
5.   Kimberly Gilmour - Assets and Equity Accounting (Pd)
6.   Deb Smith - Nordic Pole Walking (Pd)
7.   Maria Bennett - Mary Kay Cosmetics (Pd)
8.   April Russell - A&R Bookkeeping (Pd)
9.   Glenda VanKoot - Arbonne Independent Consultant (Pd)
10. Nancy Newton - Soroptimist International (Pd)
11. Sharon Summers - Right At Home Realty Inc. (Pd)
12. Karen kearney - Double Clutch Purses & Tomboy Tools
13. Lisa Wokral - Jockey P2P (Pd)
14. Monique Howat - Youth and Adult Motivator
15. Cheryl Evans - Sunny's Massage Therapy
17. Linda Howes - Simply Soaps
18. Nancy Gosse - Inceptional Soul Services
19. Donna Salich - Greenshire Eco Farms
20. Kelly Gillis - T-Zone Lindsay
21. Cathy Garbut - Lindsay Orthotics and Foot Care
22. Maria Tohill - The Pampered Chef
23. Delaine Cook - Decor Dreams


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