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WiN Meeting - Thursday, Nov 7th

Hello Ladies,
Our November WiN meeting will be held Thursday, November 7th at the Community Care Village Housing Building (click on the link at the right for map and directions). Wendy Bruckert of Community Care will be our guest speaker and the wonderful Edna Smith will be catering our delicious and healthy lunch. 
Full details below. Please let me know by email if you are planning to attend.
I look forward to seeing everyone! Warmest regards,
Who's Coming: 1.  Wendy Bruckert - Community Care City of KL 2.  Heather Chapman - Heather Chapman Graphic Design 3.  Deb Smith - Nordic Pole Walking 4.  Barb Smith - Anthem Mortgage Group 5.   Monique Howat - Youth and Adult Motivator 6.   Gazel Chamberlain-Jibb - PillMethod Trust
7.   Susan Peirce - Sunrise Graphic Design 8.   Samantha Burke - Kawartha Credit Union 9.   Cynthia Sager - Snap Peterborough 10. Kimberly Gilmour - Assets and Equity Accounting 11. Angela Quibell - The Co-operators 12. Melissa Latter - Quarter Insanity 13. Shirley Maxwe…