WiN Meeting - Thurs. May 2nd

Hello Ladies and happy Spring!

Next Thursday is our next WiN meeting and what a great way to kick-off spring by hearing from Carrie Draper of Curves Lindsay. She will be talking about the Curves Complete program for a "healthier" you!.  Full details attached.

Please let me know asap if you are planning to attend.

June WiN Postcard - There are 4 advertising spots on the back of the June postcard, cost $25. Please let me know if you are interested.  I have listed below those who are already participating:

Front: T-Zone, Quarter Insanity, SNAP, Kozy Kritters/Kool Beanz
Back: Tomboy Tools, Double Clutch Purses, ALS20, Kim Gilmour, Cathy Raven

I look forward to seeing all of you next week!
Warmest reagards,

Who's Coming:

1.   Carrie Draper - Curves Lindsay
2.   Heather Chapman -
3.   Susan Peirce - Sunrise Graphic Design
4.   Audrey McDonald - ALS20
5.   Deb Smith - Nordic Pole Walking
6.   Deb Craven - Spokes for Folks
7.   Nancy Newton - Women's Resources
8.   Maria Tohill - The Pampered Chef
9.   Linda Michon - T-Zone Vibration Lindsay
10. Susanne Hall - Forgotten Spaces
11. Charlene Vanderburg - Hol-health Wellness Spa
12. Kim Gilmour - Assets & Equity Accounting
13. Deb Bartlett - CAPS
14. Arlene Garelick
15. Lisa Workral - Jockey P2P
16. Denise Williams - Business Retention & Expansion Officer, CKL
17. Joyce McCulloch - Free Life
18. Amy Van Gerven - Boston Pizza
19. Donna Salich - Greenshire Eco Farms
20. Maura Lustig - Isagenix 


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