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Hi Everyone

This is a FREE INFORMATION MEETING you cannot afford to miss. I don’t know anyone who does not know someone Proactive and into Prevention with their health or seriously ill.  Why not at least take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from DR GUTMAN, FACEP himself.

DR GUTMAN, FACEP  is a board-certified emergency physician, now practicing family medicine.  He received his training at the University of Calgary and took up his residency in emergency medicine at Emory University in Atlanta,GA where he was chief resident.  Upon his return to Canada he eventually  became Undergraduate Director and Residency Training Director of Emergency Medicine at McGill University in Montreal.

If you are unable to attend,  but know someone that would like to come, please pass on the message.

Due to limited seating please let me know if you or someone else is able to attend  and I will register your seats.  Just ask for me when you arrive and I will make sure you are looked after.


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