Upcoming events - May 2011

Ladies Extravaganza - Vendors wanted
I am organizing a ladies night this fall and it will be held at the Lindsay Fairground or the Armories. I have been in charge of the ladies nights at Canadian Tire and for our local firefighters for the past 8 years.
The bonus for all of us---being business owners---we pre sell tickets so I can guarantee at least 300 people in front of you. We have put a cap of 500 tickets to be pre sold--there will be at least 50 vendors---and the most amazing thing will be our fashion show with our local firefighters....they have drawn a large crowd in the past and this is why we are able to sell so many tickets.
Our firefighters serve the ladies all evening and they also sell calendars and entertain.......

This is a very upscale ladies event and we are currently working on a theme---possibly a mascarade--beach or black and white night....this is still in the works.

If you are interested please contact me right away as I will not duplicate any business. It is a first come--first serve basis.
The cost is $100 dollars for your table and all proceeds go directly to the firefighter who then donate it back into the community to families in need.

Fay Carslake


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