August 2006 - Meeting Recap

We are well into September now and looking forward to our meeting on Thursday, September 28th! I want to thank everyone for joining us at the August meeting it was a lot of fun. Thank you to Karen Bambrough of Weekenders for the wonderful fashion show, the new Fall line is fantastic! Cassie, Glenda and Heather did a great job in modelling the outfits. If you are interested you can email Karen at

Special thanks to those of you who brought a door prize they were amazing! Sue Sutcliffe of AWebThatWorks brought mouth watering buttertarts, Alison Brown was kind enough to donate her beautiful artwork, Maria Buragina put together a beautiful christmas basket and Karen Bambrough donated a Weekenders Scarf. Thank you!

Our membership is now at 19! Welcome new members...
Karen Bambrough, Weekenders
Alison Leslie Brown, Artist
Susan Steiner, Camp Lots-A-Dogs
Bonnie Toms, Bonnie's Lampshades

A great time was had by all and the Bonfire made us an excellent lunch of Salmon Shish-kabob and salad.

Hope to see you in September!


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