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Testimonial - By The Lake Spa & Wellness Centre

Ok all you WIN gals...PLEASE go to Kathy's for a sauna and massage....I just came from Kathy's and cannot express enough how GREAT I feel!!!






Love to All
Bonnie's Lampshades


By The Lake Spa and Wellness Centre (click here for directions)


Glenda Ashby - Maid In Canada
Karen Bambrough - Weekenders **Market Table**
Bookie Bell - Bookies Entertainment Service
Gloria Broad - Mary Kay **Market Table**
Heather Chapman - ExcluZiv Marketing
Colleen Collins - AdWorks
Michelle Dinga - Stardust Candle Corp.**Market Table**
Brenda Guiotto - DG Transportation Limosine Service
Gayle Jones - Lindsay Chamber of Commerce
Penny LaFraugh - Avon & eStore
Barbara Leffering - Quilt-A-Grafix **Market Table**
Alison Leslie - Artist**Market Table**
Dawn McColl - Victoria County Career Services
Janet O'Mara - Gregory and Associates
Patricia Partridge - Angel of Encouragement**Market Table**
Kathy Quinn - By The Lake Spa & Wellness Centre
Janet Reeds - Reeds Gift Baskets**Market Table**
Bonnie Stacey - Mission Success Group **Market Table**
Sue Sutcliffe - AWebThatWorks
Eileen Thopmson - CAPS
Bonnie Toms - Bonnie’s Lampshades**Market Table**
Deb Walkland - Guest of Bo…


Our October meeting was a huge success! We had a record attendance of 37. Our membership now sits at 28!

I want to thank Leslie Traill for speaking to us about Astrology and Meditation and how it influences our lives and our business. Thank you to everyone who brought a door prize as it is always nice to leave with an unexpected gift! Finally, thank you to Kathy Quinn of By The Lake Spa and Wellness Centre for opening her doors to our group and cooking us a wonderful lunch!

Welcome to our new members:
Colleen Collins, AdWorks
Patricia Partridge, Angel Of Encouragement
Sharon Leven, Schoolhouse Graphics
Janet Reeds, Reeds Gift Baskets
Bonnie Stacey, Mision Success Group
Collette Yvonne, Panic House

October pics...

OCTOBER MEETING - See Who's Coming

Well... You won't want to miss this meeting! Our guest speaker is Leslie Traill who is an Astrologer, Meditation Coach, Speaker and Author. Kathy Quinn of By The Lake Spa and Wellness Centre has openen her doors to us and will be treating us to an awesome organic lunch. By The Lake is located on Washburn Island in Little Britain at 223 Washburn Island Road (click here for map). Meeting time is from 11:30am to 1:30pm... see you next week!

If you're not on the list and would like to come or if for any reason you cannot attend the meeting - contact me at or 705-786-1550 so that I can provide Kathy with accurate numbers for lunch.

Thursday, October 26th meeting registration:
Susan Aitken - PartyLite Gifts Canada
Beverley Allan - Reiki Master
Glenda Ashby - Maid In Canada
Karen Bambrough - Weekenders
Marilyn Blair - Bottomline Accounting
Gloria Broad - Mary Kay Cosmetics
Heather Chapman - ExcluZiv Marketing
Colleen Collins - Advertising Works
Darlene Conway - An…


The October meeting is set for the 26th and will be held at By The Lake Spa & Wellness Centre on Washburn Island in Little Britain. Our guest speaker will be Leslie Traill, Astrologer, Meditation Coach, Speaker and Author. Kathy Quinn, owner of By The Lake Spa & Wellness and Nutritionist, will be cooking up a wonderful organic lunch. You won't want to miss this great meeting! See flyer below for more details.

Renate Weiller - 3hr Workshop!


October - Meeting Proposed Location

Hello Ladies,

As I have mentioned in the past I am on the lookout for a new location for our monthly WiN meetings. I would like to start the New Year fresh with a new location so if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime I have a proposed location for the upcoming October meeting and would like your feedback. Cathy Quinn of Spa by the Lake & Wellness Centre has offered to open her doors for the October Win meeting. Cathy is also a nutritionist and has offered to whip us up a fabulous lunch at the same cost of $15/person. Cathy's Spa by the Lake is located on Washburn Island in Little Britain. I know some of you are traveling from the northern and eastern parts of Kawartha Lakes and I wanted to get some feedback from everyone who is planning to come whether or not they are willing to do a bit of extra traveling for this meeting (approx 15-20min from the Bonfire).

Please let me know over the next couple of days if you are willing or not will…

September Meeting Recap

Wow! What a great meeting we had today! I had to write this letter while I was still full of inspiration and motivation from Renate's talk.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, we had a super turn-out!
Our new members are:
Michele Dinga, Stardust Candle
Susan Aitken, District Leader, PartyLite Gifts Canada

WELCOME! Our membership is now at 21!


What's the BUZZ all about?!
Well, that has to be Renate Weiler! I'm sure you will all agree that this wonderful lady is truly amazing. I know we all left the meeting today taking with us some very useful information about how to effectively network ourselves and our business. We have a new respect for the power of networking.

WORKSHOP - Renate has graciously offered to come and visit us again this time for a 3 hour workshop. You know how informative Renate's 1/2 hour talk was today, imagine what we can learn in 3 hours! The cost …

September Meeting

Good afternoon!

I have confirmed Leslie Traill as our guest speaker for this month and I am very excited about her joining us! Leslie is an Astrologer, Meditation Coach, Speaker and Author and I know you'll be enlightened by what she'll have to say! If you are interested in finding out more about Leslie please visit her website at

If you are planning on attending please let me know as soon as possible. So far we have had a great response and don't forget to invite a guest if you know of anyone who might enjoy our group.

Warm regards,

August 2006 - Meeting Recap

We are well into September now and looking forward to our meeting on Thursday, September 28th! I want to thank everyone for joining us at the August meeting it was a lot of fun. Thank you to Karen Bambrough of Weekenders for the wonderful fashion show, the new Fall line is fantastic! Cassie, Glenda and Heather did a great job in modelling the outfits. If you are interested you can email Karen at

Special thanks to those of you who brought a door prize they were amazing! Sue Sutcliffe of AWebThatWorks brought mouth watering buttertarts, Alison Brown was kind enough to donate her beautiful artwork, Maria Buragina put together a beautiful christmas basket and Karen Bambrough donated a Weekenders Scarf. Thank you!

Our membership is now at 19! Welcome new members...
Karen Bambrough, Weekenders
Alison Leslie Brown, Artist
Susan Steiner, Camp Lots-A-Dogs
Bonnie Toms, Bonnie's Lampshades

A great time was…

WiN - July Meeting Recap & August Meeting update

Hello Everyone!
Well, we are mid-way into August, and it's time to update you on our upcoming WIN meeting and recap July's meeting. I want to thank everyone who attended the July meeting and let you know that our membership has increased from 10 to 15!

The August meeting will be held again at the Bonfire Restaurant on Thursday, August 31st from 11:15 am to 1:30 pm. Please RSVP via email or phone to confirm your attendance. (Please note that if you have confirmed your attendance but cannot attend, please let me know no later than the day before so that I can inform the restaurant otherwise I will be billed for your meal and will unfortunately have to forward that cost onto you). I am still researching other venues for our lunch meetings. If you have any suggestions please let me know. As our membership grows we can also start looking into having our meetings catered.

Our speaker for the August meeting will be Karen Bambrough of Weekenders. The new Fall line of Weekenders clo…

WiN - June Meeting "The First of Many"!

I hope you enjoyed a nice relaxing long weekend. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined us last Thursday at the Bonfire for our first WiN - Women In Networking luncheon. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I met a lot of inspiring women some of those who are just venturing into the world of small business for the first time. This is such a great opportunity to meet new women and draw from each others experiences, knowledge and support. I hope you can all make it out to our July meeting to be held again at the Bonfire on Thursday, July 27th, from 11:15am to 1:30pm.

Congratulations and welcome to our new members:
Glenda Ashby - Maid in Canada
Darlene Blades - Gentle Hands Restoration
Gloria Broad - Mary Kay Cosmetics
Heather Chapman - ExcluZiv Marketing
Monica Fowler - Clarica Financial
Barbara Leffering - Quilt•A•Grafix
Katy Martin - Pic•Tur•This
Leslie Orr - Clarica Financial
Rebecca Sniderman - Can Serve Legal Services
Jasminka Vila - Tours By You, Guide Services